#DigiWriMo Day 23: Transmedia StoryTelling

So this week is Transmedia Storytelling week

I haven’t come up with an actual story. My story for now is about the act of writing—or is it more appropriate to say creating?—a transmedia story. The story about telling, showing, creating, painting, writing, drawing, thinking, or developing [insert more verbs here] a transmedia story. In doing so I am using various freely available gadgets, and each chapter of the story, reflects one of the gadgets. So without further ado let’s see how the story is going to tell herself.

The first chapter: pen and paper

Back to the roots?

Do I need to say more?


Sony Z3 Camera

Second Chapter: Trying Gifmaker

This is a neat website not only can you create gifs, determine framerates etc. One can also combine already existing gifs or create videos. So far the experience was good. Straight forward, no fuss, easy to use.

Learning Outcome

Should have probably reframed the pictures or taken my proper camera using the tripot. Live and learn, live and learn … *two fingers against my forehead + dramatic face-expression*.


Third chapter: experimenting with: Screen Recorder Robot Lite

Yup, the free version. It lets you record 600 seconds for free. You can choose to keep or ditch the audio-track before exporting it. I cannot remember when I actually installed the programme. Only that I barely used it for the restricted recording time, and so far it has not been worth my while using a pay-for version as I hardly make use of it.

Yeah, I know, catch 22.

Learning Outcome:

Strange how one is never truly aware of the the typo-correction, while writing, until an unscripted recording happens. Also I should probably use bigger font size for the ‘over the shoulder’ writing.

Forth Chapter: so there are leaves…

I so! so! so! wanted to spell words with the leaves the wind has driven into our building, but was way too self-conscious. This gadget by the way is truly freeware, no hidden purchases, no dubious sources, even Sophos (by the way great free app for Android) confirmed 100% security. Also graphic design and colours are just amazing. Yup. So this medium is today’s winner.

Learning Outcome

Maybe I am braver tomorrow?



#DigiWriMo Day 03

On Routines

Today’s writing exercise is looking into routines. There is all this advice out there on how routines help with productivity, and creativity, and the general development of expertise. Now my approach to routine looks something like:

sketch-1446573415782 sketch-1446573546148 sketch-1446573631500

So part of my reason for participating in #DigiWriMo is that the daily task forces some kind of routine. Maybe, it will have a knock-on effect? How are you dealing with routine? Do you find them useful? Did you throw them out the window? What strategies work for you?

#DigiWriMo Day Two

Visual Text


Today I am trying visual text … because that’s an easy medium for me … a medium I engage with daily. https://goo.gl/photos/QqnR41FZyE7Fhaos5 The description of each photo is under Info.

The photos are almost all work related. Making me think about the environment within which we act on a daily basis. What it is in our environment that informs our thinking, perceptions, emotions, and engages us. There are some photos from social media sites, because this, too, is part of my work environment.

My #altCV for #DiGiWriMo

First writing exercise for this month

is my alternative CV … hm … So I think this should be something that’s like me?

Food First?

Rhyming–more or less–is part, too

 “Despite Autumn” (13/09/2015)

… and writing of course

English is like make-up

I wrote this for a MOOC I participated in.

I wrote my first stories when I did not yet know how to spell properly. So I substituted the difficult words with drawings in the middle of sentences. Poems, diaries, two novels (that patiently wait for my sporadic attention), blogs (https://naddysheridan.wordpress.com & http://friedaaltmann.wordpress.com) and random short stories are part of understanding life.  They are friends and foes alike: friends if I can use them to make sense out of the mess in my head, and foes if they are a mirror I do not want to look into.

As I grew older and learned English in school. I fell in love with the language. English lends itself to story telling, maybe because it is not as precise a language as German? Maybe it is because even with the most basic knowledge I was already able to tell stories. Yet, writing in English came with an unexpected benefit. I could hide behind it.

English is not my mother tongue so anything I write is slightly dissociated from my Self. It is like putting make-up on in the morning to hide behind a thin mask of perfection. English is a thin mask of not quite what I would say, how I would say it in German or who I am, and yet still me. The features are still clear but you cannot see the scars, the spots, and the shiny nose. So writing in English will show me but not quite. Writing in English unexpectedly created a safe space; a room to express, experiment, argue, be cynical, funny, and sometimes go outright bonkers. English is a space where repercussions hold the superposition between reality and fiction—never entirely true either way.

Now you know quite a bit about me

There is also always the urge to understand. How do we learn? How do we make sense of the world? How do we gain agency, Weltaneignung, grow, keep on going, learn, and learn again?

Now don’t forget to dance!

… or hop around