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I am an edutalkr

Winning University of Strathclyde’s Learning & Teaching Dragons’ Den Funding

I will post links to contributions I made in other online publications. My publications, interviews and other stuff, which usually began with: “Oh that sounds interesting!” Such as the latest exploit, Emilia Pietka and I winning the University of Strathclyde’s, Learning & Teaching Dragons Den. This is the outcome from the pilot: a self-directed guide through research project

Interviews and Writing Contributions

You can listen to my interview with David Noble @parslad and John Johnston @johnjohnston on Radio Edutalk about refugee education.

Pravin Jeya created a blog From Tweet to Thesis, which explores how postgraduate students chose the topics for their theses.

PhD Viva which was founded by Salma Patel collates a variety experiences PhD candidates had during their vivas and also provides advice and tips for preparation. I wrote an experience and an advice post for the blog.

My Vidcasts

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