I began this blog, in a different form (yay free templates and fire FTP) in 2006 to exercise my written English and stay sane during the trials and tribulations that come with a PhD. Unfortunately the archives of the first years were lost.


Teaching in academic development, trying to translate creative pedagogy and principles of cultural education into the HEI context. Embracing fika culture—thank you Swedish colleagues for this import! Experimenting with EdTech when ever my inner Nerd wins an argument.

On the quest for the story line!

What Else?

Otherwise having pillow fights with the nieces and nephews, for which I need to train on free weights, always running behind updating my food-blog, religiously eating chocolate (which by the way always works as a bribe), making crazy coloured clothes (go Ikea textiles!), and currently learning to knit (drop da stitch), and for some down time working on creative writing, and storytelling for healing.


2 thoughts on “About

    • Auf jeden Fall—Glasgow ist trotz jedweder Gerüchte besonders gastfreundlich! Maybe a little rough around the edges, but that creates a unique charm. Danke für den Landesgruß!

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