‘Unintended Consequences’

I spare you cliches about how life or [insert entity of religious system here] has miraculous ways, or similar. However, sometimes even the cynic is stopped mid-movement by how coincidental events are.

You have read my elaborate wallowing and grieving of late: about my having to face reality, leave academia and found my own companies. Therefore the following type of thoughts and arguments with my mum…

You never know where it leads to. You may, at the end, be better off than before etc. Look what happened to me or granddad and we all where better off…

… were in my mind, when I entered our kitchen and found hubby watching:

Unintended Consequences (Tenner, Edward)

Of course I enter the kitchen the moment Edward Tenner argues how creativity and inventions peak during crisis situations. Leading the argument with the inventor of copy machines, who only took a job in the patent office out of necessity not want.

Now I don’t know how you see the world, but in my world such coincidences are considered a hint. Let me correct this A HINT!

This may well be because there is nothing much left but optimism (or, you know, the nice shiny cliff and swimming with the fishies) and I chose optimism any time. Having found some refreshed motivation in Edward Tenners musings I am generously ending this blog post with a cliche. Well, that and because it just it is this kind of post, and because you are most likely a fellow sufferer (wasted resource and all that), and would somewhere deep down—even, if you never would admit it (well, maybe in the dark under your blanket)—appreciate the quote:

It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.

Sorry the internet is not conclusive if this is an ‘old Chinese proverb’, Confucius or Eleanor Roosevelt.


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